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On the forefront of Email marketing automation lays Triggered emails. Triggered emails are the automated emails that are sent according to the interactions the user has done with your business. To put it more simply, triggered emails are the kind of personalized email that is sent on the basis of the user’s level of engagement.


For example: Sending a Welcome mail to the user who has newly subscribed to your service.


Personalized emails contain only the name of the person, organization, job title, and other personal information. Whereas Triggered mails not just contain the above information but are also rule-based. They follow a certain if-then condition according to which the email is sent.


Triggered emails are a great way to convert leads into sales as they are highly relevant for the buyer and capture their perspective. In short, triggered email is beneficial because it is sent at the right time, to the right place, and to the right person.


Although the concept sounds more like a B2C strategy, many B2B companies have successfully carved their unique techniques to exploit the potential of Triggered emails.


Wondering how? Read on…


Research shows:


automation and triggered email                                                                                      image source


How you use a resource be it human or non-human is an art that can be mastered. So here we explain how to use triggered emails to the best of our advantage.


Sending a Welcome mail and Onboarding email:


Send a welcome email once a potential lead lands up on your website. You can include all the services that you offer in an exciting manner to further entice the leads. You may also include a free demo link or a gift card containing deals and discounts.


Once the lead has converted, you can send them a Welcome Onboard email. This will further build a more sound relationship with the client and would make them feel how important they are to you. In this email, you can include access to your paid services.


Event-based Triggered email:


You must also send an event-based triggered email. These events maybe –


  • A major milestone was achieved during the project.
  • All the major activities carried on must be notified.
  • Birthdays or anniversaries


Event-based triggered emails can be both formal and informal. Both of them will further strengthen your relationship with the client. You can also send reminder emails about the events which are about to unfold. Thus event-based triggered emails can be a great way to engage clients all along the project length.


Transactional emails:


Any smart email marketer will swear upon sending timely transactional emails to the client. If you are offering clients a product send them all the order-related emails. To be precise, that should include order confirmation, order shipped, In transit, and order delivery details.


One tip that you can make use of while sending transactional emails is:


Include the Product usage tips and tricks, Frequently asked questions, Feedback forms, Support details etc.


Re-engagement emails:


In our blog Re-engaging inactive email subscribers, you can read in detail about several tactics to re-engage inactive email subscribers. Triggered emails can be used quite convincingly to re-engage inactive users/subscribers. Letting the inactive users know that you look forward to furthering engagements by sending a triggered email custom-made especially for them can prove to be a great technique to win them back.


Along with the email you can also send:

  • Discounts related to service or products.
  • Special promotional deals.


Thus triggered emails can also be used to re-engage the lost or inactive users/subscribers.


Now that we have answered how it is equally noteworthy to know when to use triggered emails. After all, even the right decision taken at the wrong time is the wrong decision.


You really need to understand where your potential lead stands on the marketing funnel, according to which the triggered email drafted especially for them can be sent effectively. The following image will further help you understand the concept well.


triggered email funnel


So now if your potential lead is on the early stage of the purchase funnel a welcome email can be sent along with the coupons and free demo links.


If they are already engaged with you as a client you can send them timely notifications in the form of event-triggered emails or notification emails.


If the potential customer has stopped interacting and you want to get them back you can send a re-engagement email to win back their trust and start all over again.


Thus, Triggered emails are an amazing technique to convert visitors to leads and finally to sales. Be smart, sensible, and trust your instincts when you devise your own technique to send triggered emails. Taking cues from the customers is the key behind a successful triggered email campaign.


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