Email marketing is a powerful tool in today’s marketing realm. Email marketing lets you directly connect with your potential leads and can lead to their conversion. The email has been around for several decades now and has established itself as a credible mode of communication. The email has replaced almost all forms of official documentation and is now a mode to carry out an official notification as well.

Nevertheless, email has become so popular that people nowadays receive emails like gunfire. Each one of us has deleted/marked read/spammed/unsubscribed the emails we don’t wish to receive and still can’t get away with them altogether.

However, as a marketer, you want your emails to be opened, read, and receive the proper response. In the cutting edge competition, it is quite challenging to maintain a decent read/open rate. According to Epsilon, the average open rate for the year 2018 was 29.4% across all industries. Therefore, unless you can understand the psyche of your potential lead, the chances are high that your emails will go unnoticed.

Before we disclose the quintessential 12 mantras for effective email marketing, let’s deep dive and understand the broad categories of emails:

1. Marketing emails:

These are the most common emails that we receive. The promotional emails which give us information about the products offer or discounts fall under this category. The marketing emails are the flashy ones, which consist of engaging content.

2. Transactional emails:

Transactional emails are the ones which include transactional information such as order received/dispatched and tracking of the order. These emails are critical as it contains useful information. Such emails also help to develop a more in-depth and stronger level of trust among the clients.

3. Operational emails:

These emails consist of operational information such as holiday closures, maintenance plans, and changes in service availability or pricing model. These emails might look too technical and informative, but when used wisely can help marketers build a sound image of their service or product.

Regardless of the type of email, it is critical to convey your message most lucidly. To achieve this, we present 12 mantras that can help you exploit email marketing effectively.

1. Keep your subject line short and crisp:

subject line stats

Your subject line should not be more than 50 characters, ideally. It should be a sum of the content to be followed in the email. In short, it should present the whole idea behind sending the email. At the same time, your subject line should be catchy that can easily catch the reader’s attention and should be relatable. Regardless of how appealing your subject line is, the reader will open your email only when it is relatable and useful in the eye of the reader. Long subject lines might not look appropriate if the reader is opening the email in his/her mobile devise. You should also be aware of the spambots and should not include words like Discount. Sale. Sale. in the subject line as it may catch the attention of spam crawlers.

2. Encourage readers to reply:

Engaging, contextual content is the key to a great email marketing campaign. Email provides you endless opportunity to interact with your readers. If your content is engaging and interactive, it can lead to better conversion rates. You can include polls made from Google forms, among others. Keep your content fun and engaging. Also, remember to segment emails according to lead’s position in the marketing funnel. Sending personalized and targeted emails can help you achieve your goals.

3. Ensure your emails are short and clear:

short and simple email


Your email can be the right image of your company, so keep it clean and bright. We all form judgments about the company from the quality of their emails. Include interactive and fun images wherever necessary. The entire content should neither be too long to be called boring nor be too short to be termed as inadequate. Your images should be optimized so that they are easily opened in mobile devices. Your email shouldn’t take too long to load.   

4. Make your emails mobile friendly:  

Emails have become a part of our basic lifestyle. It is the first thing so many people check upon first when they wake up. Of course, they do so from their mobile devices. This implies that your emails should be mobile friendly. Here are the tips that you can use to make your emails mobile friendly:
• Compose short subject lines.
• Keep the width of 600 pixels for your emails.
• Display optimized images are small in size.
• Always provide a distinctive call-to-action.
• Avoid nav bars or menu bars as they cannot be adequately clicked with fingers.
• Don’t add links on a stack.

5. Place your CTAs (Call-To-Action) smartly:

call to action buttons

Your call-to-action should be placed on an eye level of the reader. This is a psychological rule. If your call-to-action button is placed on an eye level of the reader, there are high chances that the reader will click on it. Therefore your call-to-action should be placed smartly. Also, avoid making your call-to-action an image as they can be difficult to load on a mobile device.

6. Give your emails a personalized touch:

email marketing

In the world full of automated emails, try to be a classic one by giving it a personalized touch. Automated emails targeted for masses have become so common that the reader ignores it. By giving your email a personalized touch, you can easily capture the minds of your audience. Irrespective of the industry you belong to, personalized emails is a great move towards the success of your email marketing campaign. Segment your lead list and then draft a personalized email for the segmented leads.

7. Be aware of the spambots:

reduce spam rate

Be aware of the spambots. Words like a discount, sale in your subject line may catch the attention of the spambots. Spam crawlers are constantly crawling up on our emails not in a creepy way but in a healthy way. So we need to ensure that our bulk emails don’t land in the reader’s spam box.

8. Make your lead list:

The sure way to win the email marketing game is by going prepared. Prepare your lead list according to their position in the sales funnel. Once you have an actual list, it is easy to draft personalized emails accordingly. However, building a lead list is no child’s game. A lot of effort and research is required to build a credible list. Often or not sales team fell who specialize in building lead lists. We ensure proper hygiene of it.

9. Include interesting links and current news:

Always draft your emails in such a way that it looks productive and updated. For example, if you are sending a marketing or promotional email, you can include recent news with it. This way, the user will get attracted more to your emails.

10. Make it easy to unsubscribe:


unsubscribe email

Yes. You heard it right. Don’t be too pushy and make it easy to unsubscribe for the readers. This way, you will be able to gather information about the leads who are actually interested in your service. You can thus get a refined list of relevant leads only.

11. Test before you send:

test before you send an email

Always test your emails on multiple backgrounds before sending it. This will ensure the proper delivery of the emails. Make sure that all your links work properly. Also, ensure that your CTA is positioned well and looks proper on all browsers and email platforms.

12. Most importantly provide quality:

Last but certainly not the least provide quality in your emails. Only good quality, properly drafted emails can capture the hearts of the audience. So never compromise upon that. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of you in your emails, and this will reflect your ideology. Thus, with the right mix of all these mantras, you can have drafted a really successful email marketing campaign.

The Bottom Line

At BizProspex we can offer a complete lead list for your email marketing campaign. We are data mining, email appending, data appending, skip tracing, web scraping experts. We take complete guarantee of the email list that we provide by manually sending dummy emails for testing. Thus, we ensure that our email list is ~100% error free and contain relevant addresses only. We also offer a never before 120% money
back guarantee in case you don’t like our work. Contact us for any queries. We’ll be happy to

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