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Data! A large amount of data is generated on the web – about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Obtaining this data helps hedge fund managers with the valuable insights they need to make smarter, profitable investment decisions.


However, it’s tough to filter through the massive volume of data. The worldwide funding data feed can efficiently pull data from various sources, streamline your process, and supply hedge fund managers and others who need worldwide funding data with the key insights needed to guide investment or analytics decisions.


Where there is money to be made, hedge firms use every single opportunity to gain the slightest edge to make the right investment decisions. The funding industry has also discovered the advantages of a data-driven approach with complicated investment models that utilize large data sets. As per the Deloitte reports, spending on alternative data might surpass $7 billion by 2022, with an annual growth rate of 21%.”


From the last couple of years, the landscape has completely changed with the rise of “alternative” data, i.e., data not from traditional internal sources, e.g., geolocation & online product/price data, social media. Funding data scraping is rated as the #1 source for gathering alternative data.


LeadsProspex offers funding data feeds for Insurance firms, Equity research analysts, hedge funds, and Venture capitalists to structure alternative data from the internet, permitting them to respond to the market with more knowledgeable decisions.


In this blog, we will learn more about funding data scraping and how it can benefit you. Let’s take a look.



Basics of Funding Data Scraping


Funding data scraping is the procedure of gathering data from public websites. It is typically carried out by data scraping experts using high-powered software to identify what might be considered useful to the user.


The technique works when extracting huge volumes of data from various websites. It can be easily used for financial or funding data aggregation, and market analysis and help make a solid investment strategy.


According to the Thomson Reuters analysis, the average investment business invests roughly $900,000 on alternative data yearly. Its alternative data assesses annual industry budgets presently at around $300 million. This is almost 2x more than the previous year. Based on this data, the funding data feed has been identified as the most popular data adopted by investment professionals.



Who needs the web scraped funding data?


Many fields require funding data scraping services and can use these web-scraped data for their maximum benefit. Here are some of them.


  • Risk Analysis Firms 


  • Investors

    • If you’re an investor or an investment firm, you know that investments are a one-way path to either failure or success. There’s no in a middle situation since you either lose or win. It’s essential to make a smart and well-thought decision. Further, the only way to make such a decision is to analyze the risks.


  • Funding/Financial News Websites

    • To stay competitive in the financial news industry, you have to be super-fast and deliver the latest news regarding stocks, rates, and other related news. A major benefit of opting for a funding data feed service is that you can demand data regularly, such as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Based on the financial sector you cover on your website, you can get unique data hourly or daily, or whenever you require.


  • Financial Advisory Services 

    • Advisories push recommendations, so if you need to make a valuable recommendation, you have to closely monitor the markets, the rates, financial news, etc., that may interest your clients. Build an advisory platform by gathering the most relevant and trusted data with the help of web scraping services.


If you belong to any of the fields mentioned above, then you most surely need funding data scraping services!



How can Worldwide Funding Data Feed services help make Data-driven investments?


When Funding data is extracted and used correctly, it can become substantial. Let’s see how funding data scraping services can be used to beat the market and improve investment returns.



Worldwide Funding Data Feed Services


Equity research


Extract hundreds of financial and funding statements in a structured format to allow easier analysis of the company’s profitability and performance.


Monitor trending news outlets/social media by matching keywords to track market sentiment, e.g., utilizing Twitter feeds.


Scraping search trends from organizations such as Alexa.com and Google. For example, a sharp rise in visits to Walmart can be a “BUY” indicator for an investment manager to purchase more Walmart. We also have jobs feed data, if a company is hiring 10K salespeople, it means it is growing aggressively.


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If you’re looking for a reliable worldwide funding data feed service provider, then reach out to Bizprospex today!


Financial market predictions


Market prediction is the foundation on which the stock markets succeed. Though, how do the trade masters anticipate the market future? This needs careful data research and analysis. The data collected through the worldwide funding data feed services are studied and analyzed to predict a near-perfect market. This helps the equity masters invest in financial products that yield the best results.


Risk awareness and compliance


Publicly traded players will always face more scrutiny from the government and regulators. Funding data scraping services can help investors stay on top of any policy changes affecting their portfolios. By monitoring government and financial sites, you can stay informed and prepare for any changes requiring an exit strategy.


Stock trading


Monitor global conversations by scraping social media and news to identify the latest trends for BUY or SELL indicators applied to all markets such as ETFs, equity, commodities, and FX.


Utilizing alternative data to scrape background data, regulatory developments, and KYC can help specify product suitability.


Trading & stock market investment


Anyone interested in equities knows how critical the data is to make the right investment decisions. For example, if an investor wants to invest in company XYZ, the key factors that decide whether it is worth investing in are its annual reports, the revenues earned, the stock volumes exchanged, insider trading, the EBITDA margin, and PE ratio, and so on. All these can be obtained through worldwide funding data feed services. Further, this helps an investor or an investment manager make knowledgeable decisions on investment.


Decision on credit scores


The lending financial institution should know the financial and funding strength of the borrowing entity to understand its repaying capacity. The financial/funding data scraping services help the lending institutions evaluate the borrowing entity’s performance from time to time and evaluate their credit score so that there is no lapse of information. Any missing data may increase the risk of recovering money.



Get valuable funding data with Bizprospex’s worldwide funding data feed service


  • Decade’s Experience

    • Proudly helping mid-size to Fortune 500 companies in funding data scraping for more than a decade. We can quickly and efficiently parse funding data from reliable sources and provide you with high-quality data.


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  • Quality Assurance

    • Assured 99.99% accuracy and consistency in data quality delivered site scraping.


  • Voluminous Website Scraping

    • Approximately 50 million data points are scraped every hour and ready for more.


  • Cost-Effective

    • Get a cost-effective service performed by an expert funding data feed team. We know that efficient decision-making in the financial/investment sphere relies on accurate, up-to-date, and properly structured data pools. Thus, we deliver only high-quality datasets to our clients.


  • Avoid Technical Issue

    • The scraping process consists of many technical details that you must be aware of. Otherwise, the work will take more time to complete. But, if you hire professionals for a data scraping service, then you can easily avoid all the confusion and save your precious time.


  • No Legal Violations

    • Funding data scraping actually means copying the data available on a reliable website. Indeed, simply copying something does mean that it belongs to you, and you are also violating copyright laws. Our highly trusted worldwide funding data feed service works by complying with all the laws and won’t put you into any legal matters.


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  • Save your Time, Energy, and Resources.

    • Save your time and energy by working with our funding data experts. If you need funding data, that means that you need data regularly. So now or later, you will need to hire a team that can deal with data extraction activities. Outsourcing the work to a funding data solution service provider like Bizprospex will be more cost-effective. Most importantly, you will be working with a team of professionals who know what they do.




The benefit of worldwide funding data feed for the finance & investment industry is humongous. It instantly helps in the growth of the economy. Further, funding data feed services is a boon for large players such as institutional investors, venture capitalists, small investors, and fund managers looking forward to making money through time-wise investments. When used appropriately, the funding data feed services can benefit the global economy.


Bizprospex’s efficient funding data scraping services are already creating more opportunities for investors to succeed in the most volatile industry of stock markets. It’s your turn now to benefit from it. 


Interested in experiencing the immense potential of investment, funding data scraping, Aml sanctions list, Pep list, and global sanctions list? Schedule a free consultation with a Bizprospex expert today and choose the option that best suits your needs!



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Free sample data available

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