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Everything is shifting online these days. The biggest aim of modern-day organizations is to build a strong online presence. They have all the reasons to prioritize that goal as Worldwide e-Commerce Sales have been predicted to reach a whopping $4.9 Trillion this year. 


Organizations use lead generation and CTA (Call to Action) tools to target a large online audience, build a strong customer database, and increase their sales. There are various software and tools available for lead generation and CTA like call-to-action landing pages, inbound lead generation, etc. 


Generating the right kind of CTA strategies and using efficient CTA tools are crucial for profitable lead generation. Therefore let us start with the description of CTA and its contribution toward profitable lead generation.


Description of lead generation


Description of lead generation

Image: Business2community


Lead generation refers to identifying and then attracting potential customers( or prospects) for the organization. Organizations generate leads through various mediums like social media platforms, email, SMS, telephonic conversation, etc.


If the lead generation is strong, then it increases the probability of closing a sale. So, the chronology is that CTA attracts the leads and creates a database to enable the lead generation process. Lead generation identifies and creates contact between the leads and the organization, leading to the sale’s closing.


Description of CTA(Call-to-Action)


Description of CTA

Image: Wishpond


CTA is any feature on either the organization’s website or anywhere on the internet that creates a psychological effect on the viewer to perform a certain action. It just introduces that prompt inside the viewer’s mind. But the actual performance of the action depends on the user and the efficiency of the CTA tool.


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CTA is directly linked to the lead generation process. As you can see in the above picture, it is a call-to-action example. It prompts the viewer to fill in their email address there. This is such a convenient way to generate leads. Only interested prospects will fill in their email IDs, ensuring good quality and profitable lead generation.


Tactics of call-to-action


1. Use call-to-action formulas


Use call to action formulas

Image: Optinmonster


Your call to action should be very persuasive. Its main purpose is to prompt the viewers to take favorable action. If the call-to-action words are not strong, they will affect the efficiency and quality of lead generation.


It will lower the chances of high sales figures and make the organization’s growth slower. The organization should use words and phrases like ‘write your email,’ ‘write your contact number,’ ‘book a slot now, etc. Another call-to-action formula example is using action words like try, subscribe, etc.


2. Use unique mediums


Use unique mediums

Image: CXL


The main use of call-to-action tools is to gather customers’ attention instead of losing them to its competitors. So, instead of using old and common call-to-action tactics, use trending and unique ones.


You can use a podcast, call-to-action landing pages, call-to-action formulas, etc., as mediums for a call-to-action. Podcast call-to-action examples are the speakers/hosts saying phrases like ‘subscribe to XYZ channel,’ ‘visit the website link below’ etc. 


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3. Instagram Ads Call-to-action


Instagram Ads Call-to-action

Image: Improvemysearchranking


This kind of CTA is a mixture of social media marketing, CTA, and lead generation. Under this type, the organizations pay money to Instagram to include call-to-action for their organization in the Instagram advertisements.


This is a very efficient and modern way to undertake the call-to-action process. There are billions of users of Instagram. Therefore the audience reach increases exponentially. This increases the number of prospects and the generation of strong leads. 


As a result, the sales figures jump up very quickly. Even though it is expensive, organizations should use such tactics, which are a fusion of social media and call-to-action.


4. Email Call-to-action


Email Call-to-action

Image: Martech


Email call-to-action is a very result-yielding tactic. It yields around a 15% conversion rate. The organizations send emails in bulk and paste a call-to-action prompt into them. This is one of the classic tactics of call-to-action used by various organizations. The reason behind its popularity is its free cost yet wide reach. 


Everyone knows that sending emails is available for free and is a skill known by every employee. An instance of email call-to-action is an e-commerce business sending emails to prospects and offering a particular discount if the customer signs up through the link available in the email. You can also make the best use of QR codes and incorporate them in emails by providing discounts on your products which when scanned directly take the customer to the checkout page.


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5. Website call-to-action


Website call-to-action

Image: HubSpot


Such types of call-to-action tactics occur on the websites of various other organizations as advertisements or their own website. On their own website, organizations mention details about their products or services and then include a call-to-action prompt like çlick to subscribe, click to buy, hurry up and avail of the limited offer, etc.


On websites other than their own, organizations present their call-to-action prompts as advertisements. For example, on the airtel payments website, many apps have prompted their call-to-action like visit website links, special discount offers to Airtel subscribers, etc.


This is not free of cost tactic when the websites present their call-to-action prompts on other businesses’ websites or apps.


Tactics/Examples of CTA


A call to action is an image that prompts your visitors. These visitors, leads, and customers help to convert these prospects into owners or customers.


The best way to write an ideal call to action that will attract the target market is by educating them and making them believe that this article is comprehensively written by keeping the target market in mind.


Tactic 1: Have more than one CTA:


Call to action usually occurs at the end of marketing materials. It can appear in email, website, or log. It can appear like “Contact for more information” or maybe in any other form of CTA. Content must have at least one CTA to guide the reader on what to do next. If more than one CTA is included, there is a chance of a better response.


Tactic 2: Know how much is too much:


It is recommended that over one CTA be included, but you ought to caution that you simply don’t include too many because too much is harmful.


This can make the positioning look fake and might create a picture of desperation and falsity. Moreover, if all the CTAs look different, the visitor might find all that’s different and get confused.


Tactic 3: Communicate the offer clearly:


Be transparent together with your customer about the services they’ll avail of after they reply to your CTAs. Educate them about the topic it’ll cover and the way the visitor can solve their personal and personal problems using that data with the journal, rather than just giving the pieces of data.


A powerful marketing tool should include captivating content. Try to be clear about what they are going to receive in the journal and how often. 


Tactic 4: Make your CTA easily available


CTA may be a major part of an advertisement that tells the target market what to do next after clicking on the PPC and hitting an internet site or landing page.


The fundamental example of a call to action is “Buy Now.”


The layout of the pages should be in such a way that your CTAs are easily available. Don’t hide the CTAs rather, pin them beside a little text or make them visible on multiple searchings.


Hidden or inaccessible CTAs neither benefit you nor the potential customer.

  • Try to tug the CTAs in such places on the page so that they easily flash on the screen.
  • Try to tug attractive CTAs containing graphics or visual embellishments, so they attract potential customers.
  • A CTAs should be large and understandable so that it is easily read.
  • Try to use contrasting colors of the submission button or CTA elements so that they appear different from the background.
  • All the relevant pieces of knowledge shall be included within the CTAs, like phone numbers or email addresses.


Profitable lead generation series:


Best CTA for lead generation:


Without the best leads, a business is most likely to fail. Leads are the qualified prospects who can become customers and ambassadors of yours only if you play your cards right. 


The major goal of an organization is lead generation. Marketers, especially B2B, depend on several channels to attract leads and boost the conversion rate. But sometimes, results are not as promising as they seem to be. 


Read below to generate profitable leads.


1. Effective Landing Page


The benefits of the landing pages are that they direct the visitors towards one particular offer by avoiding distractions on the website. Visitors are on the landing pages for a single purpose. You should try to capture the lead.


The basic landing page consists of these elements: A brief description of the offer Headline Lead capture form At least one supporting image.


But it takes a lot of effort in putting these above elements to convert potential customers into leads.


2. Write Great Landing Pages


  • Use easy-to-understand bullet points.
  • Benefits shall be included in the headlines.
  • Write for your target customers.
  • Write in a relatable and easier tone.
  • Give hints but do not include the entire stuff.
  • Inspire and urge leads to going for the next pages.


3. Remove the most Navigation Menu on the Landing Page:


You have to do one job at this time—get the visitor on-site and keep them here! 


To get rid of distractions, make sure your landing page removes the most navigation to make the visitors stay on the page, and the visitors target the message and not drift to other pages on your site. 


This may help improve conversion rates. 


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4. Social Proof and Social Sharing:


Adding proof like a short testimonial about the small print of the offer, link of the related case study, or the number of downloads helps boost the conversion rates.


Include a button that may enable the potential results in sharing the contents and offers. Add various sharing preferences like emails, texts, etc. 


Because when a proposal is shared, more people can land on page, and much more people can become your lead.


5. Keeping Less is More:


A Cluttered page creates a distraction. So try to be brief and to the point; it’s within the offer itself where you give more information. The images must be simple and shall focus more on the given offer. If multiple images are used, then make sure that they are appealing and grab the visitors’ attention.


Call to action examples 2023:


Facebook Ad CTAs: Facebook ads are confusing initially but may be well understood if read over once.


Podcast call to action:


 Reasons to have an effective podcast are:

  • To Grow your audience
  • Get your audience’s contact information to feature them to your email list, 
  • Make an acquisition. 
  • Endorse a product/service.


If you fail to incorporate such podcasts, then you can miss out on prospect leads. 


Call to action Formula: 


1) Try for free. 


The word “try” might be a subdued term but it implies being innocent. For this reason, it is extremely effective, especially for downloadable products or apps.


2) Sign up for a free [TRIAL, MEMBERSHIP, ETC.]. 


This isn’t quite as strong because of the immediate CTAs, but it’s a good technique nonetheless. The power of the CTA is in single word free. 


3) Learn more. 


This is short and direct. It is the best CTA for the information product or a multi-step funnel or a multi-step funnel that informs users before soliciting for sale.


Social media strategies to get B2B leads. In B2B leads generation, social media has evolved a lot. Social media marketing has been done since the first Facebook days. By 2017 83% of B2B, marketers were using social media as a marketing and led-generating platform.


BizProspex offers premium B2B lead generation services offering you access to the most current and accurate B2B contact information, ensuring that the data in your system is always up-to-date. Our automated data solutions streamline processes and enhance the data you already have, making it even more valuable. We analyze your business and all the factors that impact B2B sales and marketing. 


We allow our customers to get an interactive and personalized experience when they reach out to us, which helps to build trust and increases the likelihood of conversion. By scheduling a demo with our experts, we offer an engaging demonstration of our services and ensure tailoring of the needs of the customer along the way. We equip them to fully grasp our capabilities. 


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