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Let’s start with the beginning – what is email appending?


Email appending, also known as e-appending, is a marketing practice to take the customer data, mostly first name, last name & postal address, and cross-check it with the vendor’s database to acquire their email addresses.


Once you acquire the email addresses of the customers, you can send them emails regarding your offers, newsletters, promotions and notifications as a part of your email marketing plan. Also, you have a new set of data ready for you.


To append means to add, with email appending, you analyze data to acquire email addresses which adds up to new & fresh sets of data.


Email appending is an effective way of data collection and is majorly helpful to sales & marketing firms. Emails are the first communication tool in the corporate world; everything happens over an email.


Not to forget, email marketing is still one of the best tried & tested ways of driving sales and business revenue.


Why do we need email appending?


It is not the time of cold calling or outbound marketing strategies; people do not react to old marketing tactics. On the contrary, they are most likely to search for something and then read about it. Thus, email can attract users to good content and drive sales in the long run.


Data solution companies offer a broad range of services like tech append email list, CRM cleaning, data scrubbing, manual data mining, address search & email appending. With the help of these services, companies acquire new sets of data and often make their present data more accurate.


This is an essential practice that needs to be done at regular intervals of time to make sure you are connecting with the right people. If we talk separately about email appending, it has its own importance.


Emails addresses are what you are known as in the digital world; everything authenticates on your email address only – your social media profiles, password verifications, notifications, net banking details.


Business Revenue


business revenue


Business revenue can also be termed as sales figures, which basically means how email appending is helping you drive sales and generate qualified leads for the future.


Suppose, you have a list of your potential customers and you acquired their email addresses through email appending.


Now, when you send your marketing emails to these potential customers drafted neatly with quality content, CTAs, and links to your website, there is a high chance of generating leads and organic traffic. There also resides a huge possibility of your potential customers subscribing to your paid services.


People like it when something useful and of high value is served to them, Email marketing is doing the same with your content. HubSpot is offering free courses through emails.


What more of a perfect example do you want me to tell you?


Free courses attract people and add value to your website. Once they find your content and teachings engaging, users don’t mind paying for your online courses and subscriptions.


Every data has a deterioration rate and it keeps on getting inaccurate with time, If you are thinking to start a new campaign you can not rely on your old data which you collected months ago. When we talk about emails, the open rate is what matters the most.


An average user receives hundreds of emails each day, do they open each one of them? No, the open rate defines how many of your sent emails, users actually opened.


It is basically calculated by dividing the number of emails that got opened by the total number of emails you sent, and it is expressed in percentage. If you have an open rate around 10% to 15% it is high time for you to choose email appending because with this rate soon your open rate will diminish to 5% or below it which is sincerely not good for your business.


Why is this happening?


Because you have inaccurate data, due to inaccurate data you are reaching out to people who are not your target audience and don’t need your services. In such cases, you need to look for data scrubbing services and data mining companies that can provide you with fresh data and append your CRMs and email list.


Reduces Price

reduces prices


Emails are a sure-shot way of communication, and it reduces the price, which may incur in other forms of communication. Where other mediums of publicity and advertising like influencer marketing, sponsored posts,  TV & radio ads, banners and billboards may cost you a substantial amount of money but email marketing is much convenient than all of them.


TV & radio ads, billboards are all outbound marketing tactics that cater to a huge audience without any relevance or segmentation and people are mostly bored & deaf to these marketing plans.


Even if we talk about tactics like influencer marketing and sponsored posts, people can easily scroll down to them without paying any attention and you pay quite a lot for all these mediums of promotion.


Now, when we speak about email marketing this is a completely opposite story, you write quality content and draft good emails which directly get delivered to the inbox of your potential customers. If you know when and how to use triggered emails, there is a higher chance of an increase in open rate, replies, and engagement.


Not to forget, you should perform email appending at regular intervals of time to ensure you are reaching out to the right prospects. 


Way of inbound marketing: 


inbound marketing


Emails are an effective way of inbound marketing, through emails, you can attract your target audience, emails are considered as a dominant piece of contact detail, with the right language, content, and strategies you can boost your email open rate. Thus good content can pull the crowd for you, and make it easy for you to generate qualified leads and traffic.


Saves Time


save time


Of course, emails can be sent to hundreds of people with one click, and when you know that you’ve sent the emails to your target audience, you expect a good result in return. You can send dozen of emails and expect replies within minutes.


CRM cleaning is the way to go, end to end data solution companies provide services like CRM cleaning and scrubbing which is very useful to update your database and then start an email marketing campaign.


The right way to effective email marketing saves a lot of time for brand marketers. Brand marketers with the help of email appending services have started to write customized emails now they know to whom they exactly are drafting an email.


According to HubSpot, 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content.


Each step has its own importance and works for enhancing business revenue. We don’t recognize these small efforts, but it does bring much credibility to business in the long run.


Email appending helps organizations strategize their email marketing plans better, which can take a lot of time and effort.


Higher ROI




Let’s understand this with an example –  


If you don’t know to whom you are sending the emails, how can you expect a positive reply or any reply for that matter? 


Email marketing has a higher return on investment; emails are most likely to be open if appropriately sent at the proper time,


As per recent stats by HubSpot – 99% of consumers check their email every day.


Lead magnets, catchy subject lines, offers, relevant content, interesting blogs, and your website, all of this can be added up to improve your business revenue.


I would advise you to look for an all-around data solution companies, to meet your every issue and objective and make sure you receive better ROI.


Improves Customer Service


Emails are a prominent way of letting your customers know that you care for them, Emails not only help you reach out to your customers, it also improve your revenue and is a proven strategy to make long-lasting relations as well.


microsoft survey


There is a lot you can offer to your customers with emails – 


  • Provide lead magnets.
  • Make them aware of your new policies.
  • Attract them with relevant and quality content.
  • Communicate with them to understand what they expect from you.


All of these, directly or indirectly help in improving your business revenue in the long run. Even if you are not able to improve business revenue by email appending, it is an effective medium of promotion and automatically affects your budget.



Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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